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The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – Increase to State Pension Age

The impact of increased longevity: people now in their 40s to have a state pension age (SPA) of 68, with those currently in their 20s a possible (probable?) SPA of 70. From breaking  BBC News.

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Fixed Protection 2014: IMPORTANT, Action may be Required by 5/4/2014

With effect from 6/4/2014 the Lifetime Allowance (the amount you are allowed to accumulate tax-free in UK pension schemes) is being reduced from £1.5m to £1.25m. To protect those with pension funds that exceed – or are likely to exceed – £1.25m, another form of protection has been introduced, called Fixed Protection 2014, which preserves […]

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Website Revamped

Today, our website gets a complete overhaul to give it a more modern, “cleaner” look. The change wasn’t purely cosmetic, though. We are now able to speedily post news / update the site ourselves and integrate it with feeds to our Twitter & Facebook pages. The aim is to be more proactive in bringing salient information […]

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