SSAS – Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme

What is a SSAS?

A Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme (sometimes just called a Small Self-Administered Scheme or “SSAS”) is a special type of employer-sponsored occupational pension scheme.

A SSAS is run by a Professional Trustee, such as Redswan, together with the scheme members, who are also trustees, in accordance with legislation and its trust deed & rules.

The establishment of a SSAS enables business owners to provide for retirement in a highly tax and cost efficient way, whilst providing advantages to their business in the form of a flexible use of capital and reductions in taxation.

In the same way as a SIPP, the SSAS receives contributions and transfers to accumulate a retirement fund for its members.

A SSAS may also purchase the company premises with or without the assistance of borrowings and then them lease back to the members’ own company. Unlike a SIPP, it also has the ability to loan money to an associated employer.

Although the plural is used on this site, a SSAS may in fact have just one member.